Our Purpose

The sole purpose of this organisation (Hobsonville Point Marine Sports Recreation Centre Charitable Trust) is to facilitate the development of an Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre which we believe will be a fantastic community facility connecting the people of the Upper Harbour and wider area with the beautiful waters of the upper Waitemata.

This is not a small task.

Since the Government made the decision to develop the Hobsonville Point area there has always been the understanding that there is a continued need for water access so the community can get onto the Upper Harbour. One of the issues has been the value of the land and especially waterfront land, and so it was that the existing tenants (yacht club and the rowers) have had to reassess what they can do to trim operations so the footprint can be reduced.

We are now about to start the water access with a new jetty, and also with a platform (the land) that will enable the facility to be built.

Thank You To All That Have Helped

No project of this size can move ahead without the help of businesses and people.

We would therefore like to thank the following businesses for their support, and like all projects this list is bound to increase over time.