Welcome to the home of the Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre.

This website has been put together to provide information on the new Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre that is planned for Hobsonville Point.

This has been a project in the planning since October 2009 when the Crown and the Waitakere City Council recognised the need to have a facility on The Landing at Hobsonville Point for water based recreational uses and other community uses. The Crown and the Waitakere City Council agreed to work together with interested representatives of the community to ensure that an appropriately sized and located facility is an integral part of the Crown’s development at the Landing.

The Hobsonville Point Marine Sports Recreation Centre Charitable Trust (2674091) was established on 20th June 2017 to facilitate the creation and management of the facility known as the Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre.

Progressing the development of the Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre has been complex in nature as the availability of suitable land to build on with water access has been restricted by the other development on the Landing; however with the support of Kāinga Ora (previously HLC) we have been working hard and hope to have a facility for the community and water access for the wider Upper Harbour community in the near future.

This is a community facility for the use of the local people.

While the purpose may be seen as for water based recreational uses, the facility is being designed to accommodate a range of other community uses too.

We thank you for showing interest in what we are doing, and will be providing further information as the project progresses.