We Can Call Them Locals

Did you watch the men’s eight win at Tokyo?

It’s always fantastic to watch Kiwis win on the world stage, and nothing gets bigger than the Olympics.

In rowing circles the men’s eight is seen as a premier event and something that has eluded us since Munich in 1972.

It’s been a while!

So to see the crew of Tom Mackintosh, Hamish Bond, Tom Murray, Michael Brake, Dan Williamson, Phillip Wilson, Shaun Kirkham, Matt Macdonald and coxswain Sam Bosworth win gold in the men’s eight rowing final at the Tokyo Olympics was fantastic.

Look closely and you may see a couple of familiar faces too … that is if you are ever down at the Landing early enough to see the rowers training in our stretch of water off Hobsonville Point.

Michael Brake 4th from left and Matt Macdonald 2nd from right are two members of the winning men’s eight that have spent many hours training in the Upper Harbour here.

Congratulations guys … we love to call you locals.

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