Waterfront Community Centre Soon To Be Built

Wouldn’t it be great to have your next function in a new facility that overlooks the Upper Harbour.

As we’re building the new marine center we are mindful of the requirements that a community like Hobsonville Point and the surrounding areas need.

It is obvious that the location on the water is ideal for marine activities, but it is also a desired venue location.

The Marine Center is a facility designed for the community by community representatives.

Of course that means that we need to ensure that it is suitable for community use.

The Yacht Club’s History

The stretch of water here in the Upper Harbour has always attracted people to the water, and sailing here has had it’s unique challenges with tides and tricky winds bouncing off the land as well as wind and currents from up in Hellyers Creek adding to it.

Competitive sailing began at Hobsonville in the early 1930’s and then led to the formation of the Hobsonville Boating Club (HBC) in 1934. 

Later the Defence Force, which was resident in Hobsonville and Whenuapai from 1937 amalgamated of clubs in 1966 and the HBC was retitled RNZAF Base Auckland Yacht Club (RNZAF BAYC).

However since the airforce base has now moved from Hobsonville the yacht club is now known as The Hobsonville Yacht Club.

There has been many functions held in the bar and in rooms at the yacht club and many locals have stories of these (some not to be repeated in too much detail) but those fade into history now as changes are happening. There will be club members, both past and present, who can only remember the fun that was had on the water’s edge.

But as the yacht club has closed, another chapter is now about to begin.

The New Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre

While it’s not a yacht club any more, the club will still exist and be accommodated in the new Regional Marine Centre.

The Upper Harbour Regional Marine Centre will accommodate the yacht club and other community clubs, but it is so much more.

The concept is a “Regional Marine Centre” that will provide both water access through a magnificent wharf going right out to the deep water for all tide access, plus a centre to accommodate storage of safety craft as well as the vessels, and a new function center that is upstairs and available for the community.

The marine center should enable people to once again enjoy having their functions near the water.

The building has been designed to accommodate marine activities and approx. 900 sqm of storage, but given the location there has also been a big focus on having an area upstairs that is planned to consist of a bar and function area with a licensed club bar and commercial kitchen, as well as a large “training room” and extra large deck area.

This gives plenty of space dedicated for community activities, which can include functions in the planned space.

It is important to remember that this is still in the planning stages, but from the consultation so far there appears to be a real desire to have a centre like this that the community can access.

There is a lot of water to go under the bridge (so to speak) but over the past 4-years we have managed to get the support needed.

It is the intent of everybody involved that this is a facility that will be able to be hired by community members at a reasonable price.

We will release more details as they come to hand.

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  1. Such an exciting development for our community: truly an asset for sailors and rowers but appreciate the option for social connectivity as well. Look forward to the progress reports

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