Local Community Provide Financial Support

One of the challenges when building any community facility is the funding, and so it’s great to get the support of the local community.

Hobsonville Point is a unique community with all residents being part of, and contributing to the Hobsonville Point Residents Society. This society was established primarily to serve its members, who are the owners of properties within Hobsonville Point. The role includes to maintain the standards set in the Master Plan for Hobsonville Point to ensure the community stays looking great in years to come, to respond to residents’ queries and to maintain the high standard of living that residents can all enjoy.

The Community Deserves Great Facilities

Of course we believe that the Marine Centre will be a great facility for both the local Hobsonville Point community, but also for the wider community. It’s knowns as a marine centre and will offer water access and support for marine based activities, but it’s also a community facility that we imagine will be used for a range of non-water based activities and even just to enjoy great views and some hospitality on the deck.

We thank everyone from the Hobsonville Point Residents Society who supported this community project at the AGM, and also for all the support that we have had over the last year or so.

Questions Raised At AGM

There were some very supportive comments at the the Hobsonville Point Residents Society AGM and also some questions which I believe were answered by the society representative.

But just to recap on some:

  • Funding to Complete – it was mentioned that the total project cost is in the region of $10 million and there was some concern that the money granted may be wasted if the project could never be completed. Of course we are working hard to ensure this will be completed, and to that end we can confirm that there is funding in place for the wharf and building platform, and we have had very positive discussions with some of the major funders. In most cases the funders are able to help with the actual build and so we need to finish the planning stage first. If all goes well with the funding applications and other fundraising initiatives that we have then we should be within reach of the finish soon.
  • Community Access – there were questions raised about how much access the local community will have to the facility. This is something that we are very aware of and there is still work to be done on this; however it’s the intention to make sure that this is a truly community facility. The wharf area is obviously public and while there may be some restrictions due to safety etc, this will effectively be a public area as will the decking on the waters edge. The building comprises of both a storage area and a hospitality and function area upstairs. The concept is the storage will be available for various clubs to use and the hospitality and function areas will be available for the community.

A BIG Thanks

Finally we would like to say a BIG thanks for all the support.

A special mention must go to the committee and all members of the Hobsonville Point Residents Society who approved a grant for this project at the AGM.

We also need to recognise the help that we have had over the years from Kainga Ora whom were the Hobsonville Land Company when we started. They have been very helpful in both helping give advice and funding to the project.

Keep Informed…

We will be sharing more about the project as we progress and it’s always great to meet with people and explain what is going on too.

The project is really starting to progress and you should start to see work on the Platform and Wharf starting in the New Year too.

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