A Site Has Been Identified For The New Centre

Since before the development of Hobsonville Point as a residential area, the upper harbour has been the home to a range of water based activities. To support these activities there have been both a yacht club and rowing club facility that allows for storage or equipment as well as for training and the social aspect.

But the planned development of Catalina Bay has meant that area will no longer be available to support the water based activities, and therefore the developers (HLC) have worked with the representatives of the HPMSRCT to locate a new site that will be suitable.

For any site to be suitable it needed to have enough space to build a facility that can store the equipment, and have access to the water. in an area that allows for safe

Water access was a large challenge.

The access to the water has always been done using the old seaplane ramp; however with the development of Catalina Bay the safe movement of craft to the ramp is becoming harder and longer term it is expected that the seaplane ramp will not be maintained and therefore will eventually be deemed unsafe to use.

The New Site

The site that has been identified is on the eastern coast of Harrier Point, facing Catalina Bay, at the north eastern edge of Hobsonville Point. Catalina Bay sits in a prime location along the western shore of the upper Waitemata Harbour.

The flat narrow coastal platform at the foot of the escarpment was formed as a result of the modification to the landform from 1950, in order to establish Boundary Road. The seaward edge of the roadside is vegetated with manuka, kanuka shrubland and flax. Boundary Road is now known as Te Ara Manawa – Hobsonville / Onekiritea Coastal Walkway. This portion of the waterfont is part of a significant pedestrian and cycle route which forms part of the experience of Hobsonville Point for the public. Launch Road forms the site’s northern land-based boundary, which also provides access to The Landing sub-precinct / Catalina Bay development – a vibrant and growing area of public spaces, transit interchanges, a mixture of hospitality and commerce, as well as significant residential developments.

The site has sweeping views over the tidal waters of the upper Waitemata Harbour and across Catalina Bay, towards the bush lined coast of Beach Haven.

But for any water based activities, water access is paramount.

This location is the closest site available to Catalina Bay and with a proposed jetty providing access to the deep water (main channel) it should be suitable for marine based activities like sailing, rowing, kayaking etc for the residents in the Upper Harbour and wider North West of Auckland.

Work is underway to ensure that the facility can be designed in a manner that is acceptable to all stakeholders including Auckland Council and Iwi as it needs to be an asset that fits well with the community needs both now and into the future.

3 thoughts on “A Site Has Been Identified For The New Centre”

  1. Please place a mark on the satellite image so that we can more clearly identify where the proposed site is in relation to existing landmarks are.

    Thank you.

  2. Every Saturday morning the Hobsonville Point Parkrun marshals some 300 runners at the gate next to where the boat club will be built. Please let the organiser know when construction is due to start incase the start line will need to be moved. Contact Shontelle at: hobsonvillepoint@parkrun.com
    Thank you.

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